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Industry coatings

Product series
Product grade
 ICE Series 

-Rapid drainage
-Wind turbine blade
-Durability cool roofs
-High contact angle with water
-Outdoor products: solar energy
backplane film and cable iron etc

-Heat insulating
-Weather durability 
  TG Series

-Baking type heat-insulating coating for glass

-Heat insulating 

 TC Series 

-Steel bridge
-Heavy machinery
-Industrial products

-Weather durability
-Air dry silicone fluoride
-High corrosion resistance
 TE Series
-Electric products
-Anti-static property
-Magnetic induction
 TH Series
-Radiator etc
-Elevator board
-Industrial guide roller
-Self-drying and baking type dry lubricate
-High heat resistance
-Abrasion resistance etc
 TR Series 
-Rubber and plastic coatings
-Low friction
-Water repellency
-Reduce noise vibration 
 TX Series
-Guide roller
-Industrial mold 
-Good non-stick property etc 
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