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Functional Materials

Product seriess
  Acrylic and acrylic polyol resin  
-General self drying coatings
-Economical multi-coating paint
-Metal paint for building and industry
-Agricultural machines,home appliances,
  bicycles and ABS coatings
-Adhesion and toughness
-High gloss and adhesion
-Anti-dirty and high weather durability


  Polyester resin  -Bakelite materials protection and decorative
-General decorative protection coatings for 
  metal paint and plastic
-Good gloss
-Good fullness
-Good heat resistance 
  Water-based acrylic emulsion  

-Protective coatings for metal and plastic
-Emulsion paint for outdoor/indoorapplications 

-High gloss and adhesion
-High weather durability
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